How I Manage Groceries with Trello, Launch Center Pro, Pythonista, and IFTTT

Growing up, my family kept a notecard in the kitchen that served as our grocery list. As time passed (and we needed to shop at more stores), more notecards were added to the stack. It was simple, but it worked. These times, however, demand a more technical solution to this age-old problem.

Getting married provided the impetus to find a solution. My wife and I both lead busy careers and on-the-go lifestyles; we needed a solution that would allow us to quickly access our grocery lists, adjust items in those lists, and go shopping when the opportunity struck.

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Link Mash (August 28, 2014)

The weekly Link Mash is a curated selection of tools, stories, and other links that I found during my travels on the web. All of my links can be found on my Pinboard; you can also find the Link Mash archives here.

This Link Mash was generated by PinPress, a simple tool to generate text templates from Pinboard data.

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A Better Safari Bookmarklet with Launch Center Pro

A while back, Federico Viticci created a method for a Launch Center Pro-based Safari bookmarklet. In his own words:

Last week, I was looking at the way I use Safari and save links to other apps and services, and I realized that I wanted a unified action menu to group some of my most used bookmarklets together.

Federico’s invention is a great one: by selecting a single mobile bookmarklet, he is able to send a URL from Safari to a Launch Center Pro list; from there, he can choose any number of actions to run that URL through:

Federico Viticci's Safari Bookmarklet
Image courtesy of Federico Viticci.

The beauty of this solution is in its “self-contained-ness.” It doesn’t need a preëxisting Launch Center Pro action; it generates a list on the fly.

Of course, it’s not a perfect solution. Federico, again, in his own words:

Though my solution works, the code isn’t pretty. Until Apple improves the way apps can share information with each other, we’re stuck with hacks like URL schemes, JavaScript, and manual encoding. If you want to customize what I came up with, you’ll have to manually edit URL schemes and test everything on your own. If you’re not concerned about a bookmarklet’s prettiness, go ahead.

And later on:

The solution that I employ to launch a list not based on an existing action is to “trick” Launch Center Pro into linking to itself. Using the launchpro://?url= URL scheme twice, you can tell Launch Center Pro to open a Launch Center Pro URL to display a list. I don’t know why I couldn’t simply launch the app and tell it to display a list without nesting two levels of URL schemes, but that’s how it is. You’re telling Launch Center Pro to open itself.


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OmniFocus Tasks from URLs on iOS

A common headache of mine: what’s the most efficient way to copy a URL in one iOS app and quickly create a relevant task for it in OmniFocus? My earlier post on an episode of Connected is a great example: I had to copy the podcast URL from Overcast, switch over to OmniFocus, create a task with a relevant name (i.e., one that wasn’t just the URL itself), and save it. Adding to the friction of this experience is that I did it while trying to rush out the door.

Thus, I set out to create a cleaner method.


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